AMS Robotic and Automation Lab

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Our Robotic and Automation Lab in Pittsford NY

 This is an open invitation to customers who are thinking of implementing a robotic solution for a simple or complex automation assembly task.

 What we offer:

  • Lunch and Learn training sessions on our demo robots
  • Basic application testing on demo robot for application feasibility and approx. cycle times
  • Computer Simulations of application that will provide:
    • Estimated Cycle Time of robot system with estimated Payload and Tooling Times
    • Obstructions/Obstacles can be added to Simulation for realistic testing
    • Robot positions can be easily viewed to assist with machine design
    • A video of the simulation can be generated, great for sales demonstrations and design reviews!
  • Use machine vision guidance to track parts on a conveyor for pick and place.
  • Use machine vision for on the fly inspection.

What we can show you:

  • A six axis robot using machine vision to pick and place different parts off a conveyor.
  • A three axis Cartesian system for dedicated high speed assembly.
  • A four axis Delta style robot, with vision for high speed pick and place applications, in the range of 200 PPM.
  • A Collaborative six axis robot that is very easy to program and can be used, without hard guarding, for everyday assembly tasks.

Pana of Robots, cropped

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