May 2018 News Letter

Wednesday 9 May 2018
Advanced Motion Systems - Machine Vision, ID, Automation, Motion Control, Robotics Register for our 25th Anniversary Open House. Friday June 8th, 10 pm – 6 pm
May 2018 News Letter
Buffalo, NY, Western, NY Sales Engineers
AMS is Growing ! Meet our Western NY Regional Sales Engineers.
We are pleased to introduce you to Caitlyn Gilday, Adler Moldenhauer and Jacob Carr. Challenge them with your Automation, Machine Vision, ID, Motion Control, Sensors or other applications.
May – Cognex In-Sight Training. There are still a few seats open.
Register: Cognex In-Sight Spreadsheets Custom Training – May 15-17, 2018, Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 8:00 AM EDT -to- Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT,

or call to register: (585)-645-0232

Omron Machine Automation Controllers Update
Omron NX1P2, PLC, Motion Controller, Safety, I-O, EtherCAT, Machine Automation Controller
Omron’s Compact ‘MAC’ Machine Automation Controller, the NX1P2 has been available in the USA since 2016 and is a great platform for OEMs and small machines. It Features;
  • Ethernet, Ethernet/IP master
  • EtherCAT master
  • 24 to 40 built in I/O depending upon the model. Expand up to 808 I/O points via EtherCAT.
  • Local, onboard NX-IO modules bus. You can add up to 8 additional NX-IO modules onboard. Also an NX I/O link master modules is available.
  • Servo Motion Control, 4 axes – 8 axes basic positioning and 2 to 4 axes coordinated synchronized motion depending upon the NX1P2 model.
  • Safety PLC & distributed safety via EtherCAT
  • Snap on option boards for RS232, RS422A/485, Analog I/O
Cognex Dataman 470 Series ID Reader – With Advanced Features
Cognex Dataman 474 ID Reader, 1D, 2D, QR, Advanced
Multi-Code Reading within a Large Depth of Field
Have you ever had to read multiple barcodes that were not located at the same distance from your barcode reader? If so, you most likely just groaned thinking back to configuring multiple different read set-ups or having to use more than one reader.
Cognex has accomplishes this with the massive advancements in image formation implements in the DataMan 474 allowing it to read multiple codes of varying symbologies on different planes with ease.
The newest liquid lens technology allows the reader to adapt to changes in working distances for greater depth-of-field ranges. The liquid lens allows the reader to focus over that range while the most advanced High Dynamic Range algorithm on the market (HDR+) allows the reader to increase contrast automatically on a localized level, greatly expanding the depth at which a barcode is visible to the reader.
The combination of hardware and software breakthroughs have made the headache of reading multiple barcodes on multiple different planes a thing of the past.
Cognex Dataman 474 ID Reader

  • World’s most powerful ID reader
  • Unpreceded speed & robustness
  • 1D Max algorithm allows for reading even the most damaged codes at very low resolution.
  • Our 2D Max + PowerGrid algorithms can read the most degraded DataMatrix codes, even with completely missing clocking and finder patterns
  • Modular design flexibility with field changeable lenses and lights to ensure the best image for your application
  • ImageMax lighting and lensing system, a fast liquid lens auto-focus, and the powerful combination of HDR+ and auto-polarization gives the best image formation on any surface type
  • New DataMan Setup Tool software.
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