Advanced Motion Systems Inc. (AMS) has been providing automation solutions for a wide spectrum of applications for over 23 years.  From basic machine control applications to processes that require extremely complex submicron positioning, machine vision, lighting, safety, automation and robots, we have the products and expertise to deliver a solution that fits your needs.

AMS has solutions for the OEM’s and machine builders as well as end users looking to improve the performance of single machine.  With products from industry leading suppliers and experienced technical support, let Advanced Motion Systems make your automation project a successful one.

Our Robotic and Automation Lab in Victor NY.

This is an open invitation to customers who are thinking of implementing a robotic solution for a simple or complex automation assembly task.

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What we offer:

  • Lunch and Learn training sessions on our demo robots
  • Basic application testing on demo robot for application feasibility and approx. cycle times
  • Computer Simulations of application that will provide:
    • Estimated Cycle Time of robot system with estimated Payload and Tooling Times
    • Obstructions/Obstacles can be added to Simulation for realistic testing
    • Robot positions can be easily viewed to assist with machine design
    • A video of the simulation can be generated, great for sales demonstrations and design reviews!
  • Use machine vision guidance to track parts on a conveyor for pick and place.
  • Use machine vision for on the fly inspection.

What we can show you:

  • A six axis robot using machine vision to pick and place different parts off a conveyor.
  • A three axis Cartesian system for dedicated high speed assembly.
  • A four axis Delta style robot, with vision for high speed pick and place applications, in the range of 200 PPM.

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