Wittenstein Alpha TK+ Right Angle Servo Gearheads

The alpha TK+ right angle servo gearhead from Wittenstein offers a double technology advantage for all applications with high reduction ratios (i=12 or more).  It opens the door to far reaching enhancements for numerous key applications in the machine building and automation industries.

TPK+ is a two-stage right-angle gearhead for servo applications featuring a robot flange according to ISO 9409 (without a pin). It is equipped on the output side with the alpha TP+ planetary gearhead. The focus of alpha TPK+ is on power density, notably in the torque, the torsional stiffness and the torsional backlash.

  • Power density
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Extremely precise
  • Hypoid gear technology
  • High positioning accuracy

Wittenstein Alpha TK+ Servo Gearhead Catalog

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