Swivel-Link Mounting Systems

Swivel-Link engineered a system that allows you to position items where you want! Swivel Link can move to virtually any position imaginable and then lock that position in with extreme rigidity.

Swivel-Link allows you to pick and choose solutions to everyday mounting needs. The ball and socket design allows for 3-dimensional positioning and mounting. Knuckles provide an extreme range of motion while maintaining the internal through feed capability without pinching a cable. Four socket head cap screws securely lock the position. Links are available in multiple lengths, while couplers mix and match between the standard and XS series. Combine bases, knuckles, and links to fit your specific requirements.

Machine Vision Kits are the simple way to securely mount your vision camera and lighting solution in one easy to order kit.  Swivel-Link offers kits for the most popular brands of cameras on the market today.

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