SVL Connect-a-Light Linear Lights

Smart Vision Lights is a leader in developing and manufacturing machine vision lights for the advanced lighting industry. Their products feature high current LEDs and an intelligent driver in every light. Directly connect linear lights together with no external wiring needed.

With Connect-a-Light the spacing between the high current LED’s is the same between lights as in an individual light. The LED’s remain equally spaced between lights. When lights are connected together placing lights end to end there is no uniformity difference. The unique T-slot design of the 2nd generation linear light series enables direct daisy chaining with no external wiring.

The LX series aluminum housing is designed to transfer heat away from high power LEDs, dissipating the heat evenly throughout the housing. Multiple units can be connected end- to-end physically and electrically creating a compact and consistent illumination field.

SVL Connect-a-Light

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