Spectrum Illumination Machine Vision Lights

Spectrum Illumination is a premier manufacturer of machine vision lighting products providing a wide range of lighting choices. Lighting can make all the difference in getting a good image and making for a successful machine vision application.

Back Lights: Used to create a high contrast silhouette
Diffused Axial Lights: Creates even illumination on small reflective surfaces
Dome Lights: For uniform illumination on shiny or uneven surfaces
Linear Lights:  Illuminate large areas and/or low angle lighting
Oxy lights: Used for illumination of shiny or uneven surfaces
Ring Lights: For slightly off-axis bright filed illumination
Spot Lights: Used for off-axis bright field illumination
Tri-Pod Lights: A truly modular design used for bright field illumination
Washdown: IP68 and FDA compliant for food and drug applications

Spectrum Illumination Lights

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