Shimpo EJ Series Worm Gear

The EJ Series servo grade gearheads are ideal for challenging motion control applications requiring an efficient, quiet and smooth running drive.

Three variants are offered to match a wide range of customer applications: EJP, EJH & EJM. Each series incorporates a globoidal worm gear mesh design resulting in optimal torque density, low backlash, high overload protection and high torsional rigidity in a compact space envelope. Mounting options including hollow shaft, flange mount and shrink disc provide the ultimate level of flexibility with various machine interfaces.

The EJ series is well suited for applications within the metal forming and general automation industries, but is also offered in a variety of wash down options to meet the demands of the food & beverage market.

  • Quiet operation, in comparison to other competitive worm gearing
  • Compact, with exact reduction ratios
  • High torsional rigidity and torque carrying capacity
  • A reduced backlash feature, unique among right-angle gearheads
  • Industry standard hollow bore output with other shafted options

Shimpo E Series Datasheet

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