Shimpo Circulute 3000 Reducer

The Circulute 3000 Reducer is Shimpo’s next generation cycloidal speed reducer. It utilizes 52100 grade bearing steel on all of its speed reduction components. It is offered with a full two year warranty, not limited by hours of operation, and is able to endure abuse that would break the teeth of ordinary speed reducers. The Circulute 3000, readily available with inputs for both servo and induction motors, features a compact design with single reduction ratios of 11:1 to 71:1 at 95% operating efficiency. Offered in two backlash ratings and multiple mounting options, the Circulute 3000 has a design tough enough for both servo and standard induction motor applications. The unique two piece pin housing design guarantees output shaft backlash ratings of less than 6 arc-min.

Applications suited for the Circulute 3000 Reducer include machine tools, rotary valves, feeders, rotary tables, steel industry roll drives, mixers, grinders, dryers, and conveyors.

Circulute 3000 Catalog

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