Parker SM Series Brushless Servo Motors

The SM Series brushless servo motors feature a slotless stator design. This design eliminates all detent torque in the motor, allowing the SM Series motors to provide extremely smooth motion, especially at low speeds. The slotless design also creates a higher rotor inertia, which is ideal for applications involving high inertial loads (such as lead screws and belt drives). The SM Series servo motors are available with integrated planetary gearheads in ratios up to 100:1. Our unique package integrates the gearhead pinion into the motor shaft, reducing the overall package length by up to 2 inches.

  • Size 16 and 23. 0.8 to 11.3 lb-in continuous torque
  • Brushless construction, slotless design, high performance neodymim magnets.
  • Thermostat protected
  • IP65 option, feedback options, connectorization choices, special winding availability
  • CE Compliant

Parker SM Series Servo Motor Datasheet

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