Parker BE Series Brushless Servo Motors

Compumotor’s BE Series brushless servo motors produce high continuous stall torque in a cost-reduced package. The increased torque of the BE Series motors is the result of an increased number of magnetic poles on the rotor. Traditional motors in these frame sizes have four magnetic poles on the rotor, while the BE Series motors have eight poles. The cost reduction of the BE Series motors is achieved from their open lamination design.  Unlike traditional servo motors, the BE Series motors do not have a metal housing. Instead, the laminations of the motor stator are shaped into the body of the motor. This design reduces both material costs and time required assembling the motor.

  • Sizes 16, 23 and 34. 1.4 to 46 lb-in continuous torque
  • Brushless construction
  • High torque density packaging
  • Bridged stator design – quiet operation
  • Thermoswitch protection
  • 2000 line encoder standard, resolver feedback option

Parker BE Series Servo Motor Datasheet

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