Parker MX80L Miniature Linear Motor Stage

Parker’s MX80L Miniature Stage, the smallest linear servo-motor driven positioner in the industry, is redefining high throughput automation in the world of miniature positioners. The MX80 is a high performance linear servo motor stage designed to meet today’s 24/7 production demands requiring rapid-fire positioning of light loads within a small work envelope.

  • Miniature size – low profile (25 mm high X 80 mm wide)
  • Linear servo motor drive
  • 5G acceleration
  • High velocity (2 m/sec.) quick settling
  • Submicron precision
  • Multi-axis platform
  • Selectable travels:25,50,100,150 mm.
  • Cross roller bearing (zero cage creep design)
  • “Plug-in” intelligent drive
  • No moving cables
  • Dowel holes for repeatable mounting of payload
  • Cleanroom and low ESD options

Parker MX80L Miniature Linear Motor Stage Datasheet

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