Parker HLE-Z Rack & Pinion Drive

Parker’s HLE-Z, the “endless” linear module, is a quiet running linear drive unit designed to position payloads over very long travels with high rigidity and repeatability. It is ideal for overhead gantry robots, storage and retrieval systems, and other applications requiring long travels, high performance, and maintenance free operation. A standard unit can transport payloads that weigh as much as 600 kilograms over distances up to fifty meters. The HLE-Z features a unique new “Par-Trac” drive system, an innovative variation of a conventional rack and pinion drive which offers the same advantages of the rack and pinion, without many of the drawbacks.

  • Long travels – selectable to 50 meters
  • Load capacities up to 600 Kg
  • Up to 5 meters/.sec. velocity
  • +/- 0,1 mm positional repeatability
  • “Par-Trac” drive mechanism
  • Independant multiple carriages on single rail
  • Roller wheel bearings for smooth high speed linear motion

Parker HLE-Z Rack & Pinion Drive Datasheet

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