Parker 401XE Miniature Ballscrew Actuator

Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division has expanded its XE line of linear actuators to include the 401 XE. The new 401 XE is now the smallest ball screw driven product Parker offers, measuring just 30 mm in width by 15 mm in height. To complement the compactness of the 401 XE, Parker is also now offering parallel motor mounts for all of the XE series. The parallel motor mount allows an instrument builder to maximize the amount of stroke per unit length of the actuator.

The 401 XE is ideal for customers looking for a high-precision, compact actuator that will stand the test of time. It combines a rugged steel body construction with an integrated precision ball screw and bearing guide producing a highly accurate, cost-effective line of tables.

Parker 401XE information

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