Omron V750 Portal Reader UHF Long Range RFID System

The V750 Portal Reader is a highly functional RFID system provides flexible communication options between the antenna and tags, e.g. 1-to-1 communication between a tag and an antenna, multiple simultaneous access mode and selective access mode, or FIFO (first-in, first-out) read/write mode. In multiple simultaneous access mode, if there is more than one tag in the communications area, the RFID System reads and writes data from and to all the tags at one time. In selective access mode, the user can specify the tags from and to which data is read and written. In FIFO read/write mode, the RFID System reads and writes data to one tag after another as they come into the communications area.

  • Real-time operating system
  • Application-focused filtering function
  • Quick response, 5mS single read
  • Efficient control settings and Self Operation
  • Maintenance tools; comm test & noise monitoring

Omron V750 UHF Read Write Brochure

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