Omron V680 Series DeviceNet Compatible Slaves for RFID Systems

High Frequency (13.56MHz) data storage of specific object information by wireless communication, Omron’s RFID system reliably processes short range distance of data under harsh conditions, like on metal surfaces, within chemical environments, or high ambient temperatures.

V680-Series DeviceNet-Compatible Slaves for RFID Systems

  • Includes a built-in amplifier, yet has a compact size of 65 x 65 x 65 mm; compatible with V680-series ID Tags and Antennas
  • Read and write 4, 26, or 58 bytes of data
  • Includes an Access Mode that is compatible with the V600-HAM42-DRT to enable the use of existing programs
  • Complies with international standards, including CE, UL/CSA, and radio wave regulations. (Radio wave regulation compliance is applicable to Japan, Europe, the U.S.A., and Canada. Radio wave regulation compliance for China and South Korea is pending)
  • Approval for UL/CSA is pending

Omron RFID System Datasheet

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