Omron Square/Block Style Proximity Sensors

Inductive Proximity sensors are available in small, compact, or large size block style housings with plastic casings, featuring standard and long sensing distance.  

The TL-W family subminiature, flat-pack offers a wide range of block style inductive sensors for simple mounting on flat surfaces. Sensing distances from 1.5 mm to 20 mm the TL-W are the ideal solution for all standard applications.

The E2Q2 “Limit Switch” Style Inductive Proximity Sensor gives you the flexibility to freely change the sensing direction as your sensing requirements change. With five different sensing positions, you can change the sensing direction from front to back, adjusting up, down, left and right in 90 degree increments.

The E2S family features miniature, block style plastic housing for simple mounting on flat surfaces. The durable plastic housing with front or side sensing versions provides the best value-performance ratio for machine part movement detection.

Omron Proximity Sensors Brochure

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