Omron Safety DeviceNet Network Controller – NE1A

Omron’s NE1A Safety Network System dramatically alters previous safety design. Programmable safety circuits are incorporated to facilitate efficient designing and for distributed allocation through the network. DeviceNet wiring on the existing network can be used as is, facilitating efficient design by expanding on the existing system. The programmability of safety circuits, expandability of I/O using the network, and compatibility with the DeviceNet open network effects major changes to the framework of previous safety design systems.

Omron’s new NE1A Safety DeviceNet Controller revolutionizes safety systems the way PLCs changed industrial automation from relay panels to flexible operation. Communicate safety system status via DeviceNet to your plant floor production control system using Omron’s easy-to-use Safety DeviceNet Configurator software. Achieve significant wiring and testing savings by using one DeviceNet network to communicate both safety and production information. Easily change or upgrade the safety system with program changes instead of wiring changes.

  • Integrate complex safety schemes with easy-to-use drag-and-drop programming
  • Communicates both safety system and machine control status information over a single DeviceNet network, reducing wiring costs
  • DeviceNet Safety–a proven, open platform certified for safety applications.

Omron NE1A Programmable Safety Controller Datasheet

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