Omron OS32C Safety Laser Scanner

The compact OS32C is the newest product to join our Safety Laser Scanner line up. Along with our OptoShield OS3101, the OS32C is simple and versatile to solve many applications.

The OS32C-DM safety laser scanner is the industry’s first to feature Ethernet/IP communications, capable of reporting both status and measurement data. Additionally, its class-leading small size; Individual Sector Indicators; light weight and low power consumption; two-hundred seventy degree detection area; and up to seventy sets of safety and warning zone combinations provide the versatility to tackle many guarding situations.

  • 70 sets of safety zone and warning zone combinations, for complex changes in zone guarding parameter
  • Configuration memory block, no need to reprogram after sensor replacement, minimal down time
  • 8 individual sector indicators and LED indicators, determine scanner status at a glance
  • Easy-to-use Software Tool simplifies creation of complex zone combinations
  • Ethernet capable, for management over network
  • Range: up to 3m for safety zone and 10m for warning zones

Omron OS32C Safety Laser Scanner Brochure

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