Omron Laser Displacement Sensors

The Smart sensor series ZX and ZS enable accurate displacement measurement on any surface. The portfolio includes laser, inductive, and contact measurement variants to address the various application requirements.

The ZX1 offers the highest performance in matchbox size. This sensor is defining a new class of measurement sensors using an advanced HSDR-CMOS (High Speed and Dynamic Range) camera chip.

  • Stable measurement for objects with any surface
  • Best in class performance for accuracy and speed
  • Increased measurement range
  • Simple configuration by one-button, Smart Tuning
  • Reliable measurement in harsh environments

Providing precision laser measurement sensor with built-in LCD display, smart ZS-L sensor offers high-precision, high-speed, and high sensitivity two-dimensional inspections. Sensing heads combine accurate laser measurement with high-stability CMOS imaging. The dynamic sensing range detects all surfaces from black rubber to glass and mirror surfaces.

Omron ZX1 & ZX2 Brochure

Omron ZS Laser Displacement Sensor Datasheet

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