Omron Incremental Rotary Encoders

Omron incremental encoders measure position relative to its last known position.  Incremental encoders are particularly useful for regulating conveyor belt position or speeds.

E6A2-C Miniature size rotary encoder
The E6A family of rotary encoders features a small sized dia 25mm housing.

  •  Small sized dia 25mm housing
  • 4mm shaft diameter

E6B2-C Compact size rotary encoder
The E6B family of incremental rotary encoders features a housing size dia 40mm.

  • Line driver output models available
  • 6 mm shaft diameter
  • Internal short circuit protection

E6C3-C rotary encoder for tough environments
The E6C family of dia 50mm incremental rotary encoders features an improved water resistance compared to standard models.

  • IP64f or IP65f drip-proof, oil-proof construction
  • 8 mm shaft diameter
  • Surge protection

E6F-C Rugged housing rotary encoder
The E6F family of dia 60mm rotary encoders features a rugged housing.

  • Strong shaft for max 120 N in radial direction and max 50 N in thrust direction)
  • Water- and oil-proof structure (IP65f)

Omron E6A2 Incremental Rotary Encoder Datasheet

Omron E6B2-C Incremental Rotary Encoder Datasheet

Omron E6F-C Rugged Rotary Encoder Datasheet

Omron E6C3 Incremental Absolute Encoder Datasheet (22 downloads)

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