Omron F3SJ Series Safety Light Curtains

Omron’s STI F3SJ series of safety light curtains offers a tailored approach for a variety of production environments.  Conventional safety light curtains offer full-featured models, even when only simple intrusion detection is needed.  The F3SJ series offers a product range that allows you to choose the best product according to your application needs.

The EASY type offers simple hand detection while the BASIC type adds the potential for series connection and simple muting functions.  The ADVANCED type provides for finger protection, series connection, complex blanking and muting functions.

  • Space-saving slim profile, measures just 30 W x 24 D mm; easily fits into existing equipment 
  • Two new tools simplify setting parameters and checking the system status: “SD Manager” PC setting support software and hand-held setting console
  • On-board muting functionality enabled by a low-cost optional key cap requires no external muting controller 
  • Blanking function disables specific beams of the Safety Light Curtain 
  • A warning zone can be set to alert people before they enter a danger zone using single or series-connected units when horizontally mounted 
  • Mounting brackets (included) allow easy tightening of mounting screws and aligning of the beams after the sensor is mounted 
  • Flexible cables with a 5 mm bending radius makes wiring in tight mounting spaces easy 

Omron F3SJ Series Safety Light Curtain Brochure

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