Omron F3SG-RA Safety Light Curtain

New F3SG-RA Safety light curtains conform to major international standards to used worldwide.  The IP67 enclosure is waterproof and shock-resistant yet compact.  A Space-saving slim profile, measures just 35mm W x 35mm D, easily fits into existing equipment.

Ensuring safety in various production lines
The Muting function to automatically set a minimum muting zone according to workpiece height. Can be used for a variety of production lines.

Complete safety measures by detecting presence
Distinguishes between small object passing and human entry by changing resolution and response time. This maintains a high level of safety while minimizing unexpected machine downtime.

Easy Set-up

Drastically reduced set-up time and wiring
The Smartclick connectors and optical synchronization enable smooth set-up of machines.

Simple, two-step optical adjustment
Quick adjustment by checking beam alignment with the LED indicators and Configuration Tool SD Manager2.

Flexible installation
More flexible layout by eliminating the need of synchronization wiring and using extension cables.

F3SG-RA Datasheet

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