Omron CS1 Rack Mount PLC

The CS1 Rack mount PLC is backwards-compatible with the C200H-series. It offers the widest selection of I/O and special function units. High-resolution, high-speed analog data acquisition, continuous-path motion control and user-programmable communication units make the CS1 a truly universal PLC for a wide range of demanding applications. The CS1 also offers duplex CPUs and loop control for process industry.

  • Wide Range of CPUs, Power Supplies, Memory, and Expansion 
  •  Basic instruction execution time from 0.1 microsecond
  •  Small size rack design
  • Outstanding connectivity and communications: Ethernet/IP, Ethernet, DeviceNet and Profibus-DP open networks; Controller Link peer-to-peer and CompoNet
  •  Systems control up to 5120 local I/O, 32,000 DeviceNet I/O using multiple masters
  • One platform can meet all our control needs, just choose the right CPU; CS1W I/O and communications modules are shared
  • Wide range of Digital I/O Modules
  • Special I/O and Control Modules include analog I/O, temperature controllers, Motion and Position
  • Controllers, high-speed counters and RFID controllers
  • Industrial Networking and Communications module

Omron CS series Product Guide

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