Omron Analog Solid-State Timers

Omron offers the largest electronic analogue timer program available on the market. This range includes a 17.5mm timer (H3DS), a 22.5mm timer (H3DK) and a front panel/plug-in 48x48mm timer (H3CR). Where space is limited, Omron provides very compact H3YN.

  • H3CR multi-functional timers
  • H3CR-A multiple time ranges
  • H3CR-F twin timers
  • H3CR-H power-off delay timers
  • H3YN miniature timers
  • H3JA on-delay analog dial timers
  • H3DK Din-rail industrial timers
  • H3DS Din-rail solid state timers

Omron H3CR-A Multi-functional Timer Datasheet

Omron H3DK Din-Rail Industrial Timers Datasheet

Omron H3DS Din-Rail Solid State Timer Datasheet

Omron H3JA On-Delay Analog Dial Timers Datasheet

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