Omron Absolute Rotary Encoders

Omron Absolute Encoders output a unique digital numeric for any given position of the encoder’s rotation. They also work great for robotic arm control and table indexing.

E6C-N Multiturn rotary encoder
The E6C-N rotary encoder provides a multiturn function for applications with rotations over 360°.

  • Multi-turn function
  • Ideal for stepper motor position 
  • Hollow shaft models available

E6C3-A Improved water resistant rotary encoder
The E6C family of dia 50mm incremental rotary encoders features an improved water resistance compared to standard models.

  • IP65f drip-proof, oil-proof construction
  • 8mm shaft diameter

E6F-A Rugged housing rotary encoder
The E6F family of dia 60mm rotary encoders features a rugged housing.

  • Stronger shaft and higher durability (120 N in radial direction and 50 N in thrust direction) than previous E6F Encoders
  • Drip-proof construction meets IP64F standards
  • High-resolution models (1024 pulses max. per revolution)

E6CP Lightweight Plastic Body
Low-Cost Absolute Encoder, 50mm Diameter

  • High-precision detect. of automatic machine timing Gray code output eliminates reading mistakes
  • Lightweight, plastic body construction, IP50 enclosure rating
  • Shaft loading: Radial: 3 kg-f; Axial: 2 kg-f
  • Open collector output
  • Response frequency: 5 kHz maximum, 1,000 rpm maximum

Omron E6C-N Multiturn Encoder Datasheet

Omron E6C3-A Rotary Encoder Datasheet

Omron E6F-A Rugged Encoder Datasheet

Omron E6CP Lightweight Encoder Datasheet

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