mSR Miniature Square Rail Linear Positioner

For instrument builders who need smooth motion in a small package, the mSR is a linear positioner that provides submicron level precision in two different form factors (80 and 100).

The mSR series is a precision machined, square rail bearing guided linear positioner which is driven with one of two different linear servo motor technologies, and utilizes selectable levels of linear encoder technology that are configured to match the application need.

  • Two form factors (mSR 80 – 80 mm wide x 25 mm tall, and mSR 100 – 100 mm wide x 25 mm tall)
  • Standard strokes ranging from 25 mm to 500 mm
  • Two center driven linear motor technologies (mSR 80 – ironcore, mSR 100 – ironless)
  • Six different encoder options (magnetic incremental, optical incremental, sine/cosine, and BiSS-C Absolute)
  • Dowel holes for repeatable pinning

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