LMI Gocator 3000 Series

Gocator 3000 series smart snapshot sensors combine 3D point cloud data acquisition, measurement tools, and control decision capabilities in a single package for powerful assembly feature inspection. Gocator snapshot sensors inspect multiple features of parts such as fasteners, holes, slots, studs, and panel gap and flush in just one scan at a higher level of simplicity than standard industry solutions. This inspection solution provides assurance that consistent product quality levels are met during final product assembly and is ideal for robotic or stationary inspection stations.

  • 3D point cloud acquisition & measurement in one sensor
  • Structured blue light and stereo scanning technology
  • Captures high resolution, full field scans
  • Ideal for robotic and stationary inspections systems
  • Built-in 3D feature & volumetric tools
  • Scan cycles up to 5Hz
  • PLC connectivity



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