HEIDENHAIN Encoder Digital Readouts

Encoder Digital Readouts are used for displaying linear and/or rotary position when used in conjunction with HEIDENHAIN encoders. DRO’s are available with one to four display positions with resolutions from 10 µm to as fine as 5 nm. Typical functions available include distance-to-go, min/max display, program storage, RS-232-C output, tool memory, datum shift, and graphic help screens to name a few. DRO’s are typically retrofitted on manual metal-cutting and metal forming machines, measuring and inspection machines, as well as electrical discharge machines.

Machine tools such as milling, drilling, and boring machines, as well as measuring machines, are typically supplied or retrofitted with digital readouts. Digital readouts consist of one or more linear encoders (for measuring linear traverse) and a digital display unit for the axis slide positions.

HEIDENHAIN digital readouts are available for 1 to 4 axes and for measuring steps of 10 µm to 1 µm and finer. Practical functions support the user in his daily work and increase his productivity.

  • Highly readable digital display
  • User-friendly functions for easier operation of manual machines and equipment
  • Ergonomically designed push-button keys that remain legible after years of use
  • Simple, logically arranged keypad.
  • Splash-protected front panel.
  • Sturdy cast-metal housing built for the worst of day-to-day workshop conditions.
  • Problem-free installation, maintenance-free operation

HEIDENHAIN Encoder Digital Readouts

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