DataMan 60 Compact Barcode Reader

DataMan® 60L is a new series of compact barcode readers designed for 1-D oriented barcode reading.  Small in size but exceptional in barcode reading performance, it is ideal for mounting in very tight spaces on production lines and on machinery.

 The DataMan 60 reader is equipped with Hotbars™, a proprietary image-analysis technology that delivers the highest read rates in the industry, bringing the premium Cognex barcode reading technology to the single-line laser scanner arena.  The DataMan product line is designed with no moving parts, increasing effective product life and potentially decreasing maintenance costs!

  • Three position adjustable lens
  • 752 x 480 image resolution
  • 60 fps image acquisition
  • Integrated lighting and LED aimer
  • Ethernet, USB and RS-232 communications

DataMan Product Guide

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