Codian Robotics Delta 2 Robots

The Codian Robotics Delta 2 robots with two degrees of freedom are available in working envelopes of 800 mm, 1000mm and 1500mm.  They are ideal for high speed two-axis pick & place single picking and many toploading processes. The concept resulted in a design with a minimum of mechanical components.

The D2-1000 twin enables the application for stable long end-efffectors on high speeds. The D2-1000 washdown is designed specifically for the food industry for handling product in wet conditions or with washdown requirements (IP67).

  • D2-800 –  800 x 225mm working range, 1kg payload
  • D2-1000 – 1000 x 340mm working range, 25kg payload
  • D2-1500 – 1500mm x 350mm working range, 25kg payload
  • D2-1000 Twin – 1000 x 340mm working range, 40kg payload

Codian D2-1500 Twin Robot Datasheet
Codian D2-1500 Robot Datasheet
Codian D2-1000 Twin Robot Datasheet
Codian D2-1000 Robot Datasheet
Codian D2-800 Robot Datasheet

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