ACS Motion UDMhp/ba EtherCat 1 to 3 Drive Module

The UDMHP/BA is a state-of-the-art series of EtherCAT drive modules with three built-in universal drives. It addresses the needs of modern machinery for both economical and for high performance, scalable and distributed control for motion centric applications.

The UDMHP/BA operates as an EtherCAT node under any SPiiPlus EtherCAT master controller, including the PC based SPiiPlusSC soft controller. This drive addresses high accuracy demanding applications, while the UDMHP/BA econo version addresses more price sensitive applications.

The UDMHP/BA are complemented by the SPiiPlus NT suite of software tools that minimizes network configuration and drive set up efforts and time to market. The built-in drives are offered with three current levels: 5/10A, 10/20A and 15/30A ((cont./peak).

The modules are powered by a single or three-phase AC from 24 to 265Vac (rectified internally to generate a Vac x 1.4 motor voltage) and by a separate 24Vdc control supply that keeps all low voltage signals alive during emergency conditions. It supports a wide range of position feedback devices: incremental digital, analog SIN-COS, and absolute encoders.

ACS Motion SPiiPlusSC Brochure

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