Control Components

Temperature and Process Controllers, Digital Panel Meters, Timers, Counters and Single phase or 3-phase Power Supplies.

Omron Electromechanical Relays

Comprehensive range of general purpose and special purpose industrial relays capable of switching loads from micro-amps to 40 A, incorporating
Omron Solid State Relays

With output current ranging from 2 to 150 A, these solid state relays are suitable for almost every need; from
Omron Pushbutton Switches

The diverse range of high quality 16 0r 22 mm pushbutton switches offer practical solutions for industrial applications.  Available in
Omron Analog Solid-State Timers

Omron offers the largest electronic analogue timer program available on the market. This range includes a 17.5mm timer (H3DS), a
Omron Electronic Digital Timers

Electronic digital timers are very suitable for accurate settings and control. Omron’s H8GN is the world’s smallest 48 x 24mm
Omron H7E Series  Totalizer Counters

Omron has a wide range of digital total counters. The LCD display range H7E consists of five types (total counting,
Omron Pre-Set Counters

With a wide range of pre-set counters, Omron offers you the possibility of controlling all the pre-scale settings you require.
Omron E5CB Temperature Controller

Ideal for heater control with easy to read digital display, the E5CB represents our dual-display solution in the basic temperature
Omron E5C2 Temperature Controller

Omron’sE5C2  basic ON/OFF or PD controller features an analogue setting dial. This compact, low-cost controller has a setting accuracy of
Omron E5CSV Temperature Controller

The E5C-SV is a multi-range 1/16 DIN controller with alarm function offers field-selectable PID control or ON/OFF control. The large,
Omron E5-C General Purpose Controllers

Compact and intelligent general-purpose controllers, the next generation E5-C temperature controller series is setting a new standard in terms of
Omron E5N Series Temperature Controllers

The E5GN series of general purpose, standard DIN format temperature controllers with enhanced functions and performance include features such as
Omron E5N-H Universal Digital Process Controllers

The E5N-H series takes the proven E5N features to the next level of process control. The N-H-series (E5CN-H, E5EN-H and
Omron E5N-HT High Performance Temperature and Process Controllers

Omron E5N-HT Ramp/Soak temperature & process controllers add a wide variety of applications that can be handled by using program
Omron E5R Multi Loop Controller

The E5R series provides you with high-accuracy inputs (0.01°C for Pt100) and a 50ms sample and control cycle for all
Omron E5ZN, DIN-rail  Multi-loop Temperature Controllers

The E5ZN DIN-rail mount modular temperature controller consists of 22.5mm-wide modules with 2 channels per module. Using RS-485 you can
Omron EJ1 Multi Loop Control and Connectivity

EJ1 is designed to handle complex temperature profiles thanks to Omron’s unique gradient temperature control (GTC) algorithm and to offer
Omron ZEN Programmable Relays

The ZEN is a compact programmable relay for flexible small scale automation. Programmable relays are easy to program. Basic program
Omron Digital Panel Meters

Omron K3 digital panel indicator series accepts a wide range of input signals (process, temperature, pulse/impulse, weight, etc.), that can
Omron Single-Phase Power Supplies

Omron’s range of book type Power Supplies are offered in a very compact size, with a sleeker exterior than previous
Omron S8VT 3-Phase Input Power Supply

The 3-phase S8VT series completes the compact Power Supply range, giving you the best footprint-to-power ratio. The range exists of
Omron S8M Multi Circuit Protector

The S8M multi circuit protector turns your machine directly into UL Class 2-compliant, maximum tripping current is 3.8A per channel