Basic presence/absence detection to precision distance measurement sensors for all materials, including photoelectric sensors for high speed and long distance, fiber optic sensors, inductive proximity sensors of all sizes, limit switches, vision sensors, ultrasonic, RFID and optical incremental & absolute encoders.

Bogen Magnetic Scales

BOGEN produces magnetic scales for a big variety of different applications. Depending on your requirements, you can select from a
Bogen Magnetic Sensing Heads

BOGEN offers magnetic measurement heads for many different applications. Incremental Magnetic Sensing Heads Absolute Magnetic Sensing Heads Linear Magnetic Sensing
Omron E32 Fiber-Optic Cables

Omron offers fiber-optic cables in through-beam, diffuse, and retroreflective types. Each cable has a different sensing distance depending on the
Omron E3NX-FA High Performance Digital Fiber Amplifier

The E3NX-FA amplifier is the best choice for most challenging fiber applications in terms of long sensing distance, minute object
Omron E3 Fiber-Optic Sensor Amplifiers

Omron E3X series of digital fiber optic amplifiers provide a wide range of solutions for sensing applications to all kinds.
Omron Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors

The E3FA/E3RA family encompasses High performance photoelectric sensors in compact M18 housing that provides a wide range of high quality M18 cylindrical
Omron E3T Subminiature Photoelectric Sensors

The E3T series are subminiature sensors with built-in amplifiers. These are ultra-thin subminiature sensors in plastic housing. Small size with
Omron E3Z Photoelectric Sensors

The E3Z sensor family is among the world’s most popular and successful photoelectric sensor families in both general purpose and
Omron Non-Ferrous Metal Detection

The E2CY and E2EY Inductive Proximity Sensor offer the reliable sensing of aluminum and non-ferrous metals, such as copper and
Omron Square/Block Style Proximity Sensors

Inductive Proximity sensors are available in small, compact, or large size block style housings with plastic casings, featuring standard and long
Omron Long Distance Square Inductive Proximity Sensor

The E2Q5 long sensing distance and simple installation on flat surfaces make the E2Q5 ideal for detection of large metal
Omron Miniature Proximity Sensors

Omron Miniature Inductive Proximity Sensors are available in M5, 3mm, 4mm, 5.4, and 8mm diameters or small size block style
Omron Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors

Omron Cylindrical Inductive Proximity sensors in M8, M12, M18 or M30 sizes with brass or stainless steel housings feature standard
Omron Laser Displacement Sensors

The Smart sensor series ZX and ZS enable accurate displacement measurement on any surface. The portfolio includes laser, inductive, and
Omron ZX-E Inductive Displacement Sensors

Smart ZX-E offers simple setup for non-contact displacement measurements of metal objects. A wide range of interchangeable sensor heads solves
Omron ZX-T Contact Displacement Sensors

Smart ZX-T offers simple setup for applications requiring high precision contact displacement measurements to verify part shape and orientation.  ZX-T
Omron ZW Confocal Fiber Displacement Sensor

The ZW confocal fiber displacement sensor delivers stable, non-contact, in-line measurement of heights, thicknesses, and other dimensions. It solves the
Omron ZX-GT Width-measurement Sensors

The ZX-GT Smart laser micrometer complements Omron’s Smart laser measurement platform. ZX-GT is able to detect edges, measure diameters of
Omron ZG2 Laser 2D Profile Sensors

The ZG2 enables precise shape measurement on challenging materials and surfaces. Its easy and intuitive user interface enables efficient installation,
Omron E4B Ultrasonic Sensors

The E4B Ultrasonic Proximity sensor family packages low-profile size and multi-functionality with ease of use. This sensor ensures the stable
Omron E4PA-N Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor

The E4PA-N Threaded Ultrasonic Displacement Sensors accurately measure objects of any color. It features an easy to use setting plug
Omron E4C-UDA Compact Ultrasonic Sensor with Separate Amplifier

The E4C-UDA Series of Compact Ultrasonic Sensor with Amplifier is ideal for detecting a wide variety of objects. Easily establish settings
Omron E4A-3K Ultrasonic Sensors

The E4A-3K family of Ultrasonic Reflective Sensors have a user friendly adjustable sensing distance from 0.3m to 3m, operating under
Omron E2K-L Liquid Level Capacitive Proximity Sensor with Pipe Mounting

The E2K-L Capacitive Proximity Sensors are specifically designed for the purpose of non-contact liquid level sensing where the sensor is
Omron E2K-F Low-profile, Rectangular Capacitive Proximity Sensor

The E2K-F family is ideal for non-contact sensing of metallic and non-metallic targets including water, oil, glass, plastic and wood,
Omron E2K-X Threaded, Cylindrical Capacitive Proximity Sensor

The E2K-X family combines the application versatility of a capacitive style proximity sensor with the flexibility of a threaded cylindrical
Omron Multidirectional Limit Switch

D5B’s detection of objects in multiple directions with high sensitivity makes it an ideal switch for use in robotics. It
Omron Enclosed Limit Switches

The Omron Z General-purpose limit switches provide high durability and high breaking capacity for long services life. 15-amp, 125 VAC
Omron Standard Limit Switches

Omron offers a wide selection of two-circuit limit switches, including overtravel models with greater OT, lamp-equipped models for checking operation,
Omron Absolute Rotary Encoders

Omron Absolute Encoders output a unique digital numeric for any given position of the encoder’s rotation. They also work great
Omron Incremental Rotary Encoders

Omron incremental encoders measure position relative to its last known position.  Incremental encoders are particularly useful for regulating conveyor belt
HEIDENHAIN Rotary Encoders

HEIDENHAIN Rotary Encoders serve as measuring sensors for rotary motion, angular velocity and, when used in conjunction with mechanical measuring
HEIDENHAIN Exposed Linear Encoders

Exposed linear encoders are designed for use on machines and installations that require high accuracy of the measured value. Typical
HEIDENHAIN Sealed Linear Encoders

Sealed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are ideal for operation on machine tools. Aluminum housing and elastic sealing lips protect the
HEIDENHAIN Encoder Digital Readouts

Encoder Digital Readouts are used for displaying linear and/or rotary position when used in conjunction with HEIDENHAIN encoders. DRO’s are
HEIDENHAIN Angular Encoders

HEIDENHAIN angle encoders are characterized by high accuracy values in the arc second range and better.  There are three different
Omron V750 Portal Reader UHF Long Range RFID System

The V750 Portal Reader is a highly functional RFID system provides flexible communication options between the antenna and tags, e.g.
Omron V680-HAM91/HAM81 RFID Flag Sensors

RFID System can be used just like a sensor – easy to set up V680-HAM91/81 ID Flag sensors read and
Omron V680 Series DeviceNet Compatible Slaves for RFID Systems

High Frequency (13.56MHz) data storage of specific object information by wireless communication, Omron’s RFID system reliably processes short range distance
Omron V680 High Frequency RFID System

High frequency (13.56MHz) data storage of specific object information by wireless communication, Omron’s RFID system reliably processes short range distance