Worker safety has become an industry priority. AMS brings you the very best in safety solutions, with local factory trained staff to support it.

Omron F3SG-RA Safety Light Curtain

New F3SG-RA Safety light curtains conform to major international standards to used worldwide.  The IP67 enclosure is waterproof and shock-resistant
Omron F3SJ Series Safety Light Curtains

Omron’s STI F3SJ series of safety light curtains offers a tailored approach for a variety of production environments.  Conventional safety
Omron OS32C Safety Laser Scanner

The compact OS32C is the newest product to join our Safety Laser Scanner line up. Along with our OptoShield OS3101,
Omron Safety DeviceNet Network Controller – NE1A

Omron’s NE1A Safety Network System dramatically alters previous safety design. Programmable safety circuits are incorporated to facilitate efficient designing and
Omron G9SP Stand-alone Safety Controller

The Omron STI G9SP is a stand-alone safety controller for small and mid-sized machinery which offers easy programming for complex
Omron Safety Relays

Control reliability is mandated in U.S. and European standards for safety implemented circuits. These criteria can be met by using
Omron Safety Interlock Switches

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. safety switches are designed to work together with hinged, sliding, or lift-off guards and barriers. When
Omron STI Safety Mats

Rugged Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. Universal Safety Mats guard machine operators against some of the potential hazards and dangers of