Machine Control & PLC

Complex Machine Control or Process Control, with 1000’s of I/O including analog in & outputs, to modular PLC’s and economical Brick PLC’s with I/O.

Omron NJ Series Machine Automation Controller

The heart of the new Sysmac machine automation platform is the NJ-Series Machine Automation Controller, which is designed for high
Omron CJ Series Modular PLCs

With a wide range of interchangeable CPUs, network units and motion modules, the CJ Series PLC is the ultimate modular
Omron CP1 Compact PLC Family

The scalable CP1 family of PLCs consists of the CP1E, CP1L, CP1L-E and CP1H models. Each of these offer the
Omron NX Integrated Safety Platform

The Sysmac NX Series automation platform integrates the safety solution within our one connection and one software concept. One connection
Omron CS1 Rack Mount PLC

The CS1 Rack mount PLC is backwards-compatible with the C200H-series. It offers the widest selection of I/O and special function
Sysmac Studio Automation Software

The Sysmac Studio Automation Software Suite includes not only the IDE, but all other HMI development and network configuration software