1D & 2D Barcode Readers

Providing the most advanced technology available for 1-D barcode and for 2-D Data Matrix code reading.   Excelling in applications requiring high speed reading, low contrast decoding, poorly formed/distorted mark reading, multiple codes in 1 FOV detection and pharmaceutical environments.

Cognex DataMan 70 Series Compact Barcode Reader

DataMan® 70 is a compact fixed-mount barcode reader providing the highest read rates for 1-D and 2-D label-based barcodes. With
DataMan 8000 Series Wireless Handheld ID Readers

The DataMan 8000 Series wireless readers provide a long working range – up to 30m – with large memory capacity for reading
DataMan 260/262 Fixed Mount Readers

The DataMan 260/262 readers are fully configurable to meet the demand of ID applications today. Each of these Ehternet based
DataMan 8600 Series Handheld Reader

DataMan® 8600 series image-based ID readers provide the world’s most advanced barcode reading technology for decoding DPM, 2-D and 1-D codes
DataMan 8050 Handheld Industrial ID Reader

The DataMan 8050 series is designed from the ground up for all industrial handheld applications. This new series expands the applications for
DataMan 9500 Series

Handheld code reader with mobile computer: industry-leading DataMan® DPM (direct part mark) reading technology is now available on a mobile
DataMan 300 Barcode Reader

The DataMan 300 Series of readers was developed to handle the most difficult-to-read DPM (Direct Part Mark) codes as well
DataMan 60 Compact Barcode Reader

DataMan® 60L is a new series of compact barcode readers designed for 1-D oriented barcode reading.  Small in size but
DataMan 50L 1D Barcode Reader

The DataMan® 50L is a new compact barcode reader designed for 1-D oriented barcode reading. Small in size but exceptional