November 2018 News Letter

Saturday 10 November 2018
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November 2018 News Letter

Cognex DataMan DM8050X Trade Up to DataMan 8072FL Offer

DataMan 8072DL Trade-UP
Part Number: DMR-8072DL-TRADE
Price: $850,   Trade In value $745
Includes: DataMan 8072DL Reader

  • Read Performance – PowerGrid reads codes without quiet zone, finder pattern, or clocking pattern.
  • Ease of use –The combination of the fixed focus lens and half-polarized lighting make this reader extremely easy to use; no configuring, just point and read!
  • Modularity – Same modular communication which makes upgrading or replacing older units fast and easy!
  • Compatible with existing DM8050X communication modules, cables, and bases

Must return functional DM8050X unit to Cognex within 30 days of receipt of DM8072DL units.

Cognex DataMan 8072DL

Strongaurd – Modular Machine Guarding Kits by Swivellink.

Stronguard is a powder coated steel industrial modular guarding kit system. Strongaurd has options for posts height, panel height, feet, width, steel mesh or polycarbonate, door options for swinging or sliding. More Information…
Strongaurd – Modular Machine Guarding Kits by Swivellink.

AMS also sells Omron STI Safety Products

Omron D4SL-N Series Locking Guard Switches.

World’s smallest 6-contact guard lock safety-door switch.

Omron D4SL-N Locking Guard Switch

CCS America – LED Illumination systems for Computational Imaging

CCS Quad LED Light Machine Vision
LED Illumination systems for Computational Imaging

Computational Imaging (CI) refers to digital image capture and processing techniques that combine computation and optical encoding. Relying on data extracted and computed from a series of input images captured under different lighting or optical conditions, CI can improve the capability of a camera or introduce new features not previously possible. By creating an output image focused on the image properties most important to a particular machine vision task, CI offers powerful advantages over traditional one-shot imaging.

Typical Computational Imaging functions for Machine Vision
These and many more possibilities allow vision system builders to get the most beneficial image for their application.
Photometric Stereo (PMS)
High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR)
Ultra-Resolution Color (URC)
Extended Depth of Field (EDOF)
Bright Field/Dark Field
Multi-spectral Imaging
360° object capture
– Generate edge and texture images using shape from shading
– Create images with higher contrast ratios
– Create higher resolution color images with no interpolation artifacts
– Improve measurements without losing light or reducing magnification
– Combine the advantages of two well-known lighting techniques
– Enhance images with maximum contrast from multiple spectral bands
– Panoramic imaging with singly triggered, multiple scene acquisition

CCS – LSS Light Sequencer Controller CCS - LSS Machine Vision LED Lighting Controller

The LSS-2404 Light Sequencing Switch is designed to be the heart of any computational imaging system and can switch external +24 VDC power for up to 4-channels of lights. Upon receiving an external system trigger, the LSS-2404 executes a pre-programmed sequence of lighting on the 4-channels and outputs a correlated camera trigger, automatically timing an external camera exposure to the programmed lighting sequence. May be set-up as master or slave in a system.

CCS - Quad LED Lights Machine Vision

Detailed Brochure…


Cognex DataMan 8072ER Extended Range Handheld Reader

                         Cognex DataMan 8072ER Extended Range Handheld Reader Warehouse Cognex DataMan 8072ER Extended Range Handheld Reader
The Cognex DataMan 8072ER Extended Range Handheld Reader is the most capable extended range reader for reading large 1-D and 2-D codes from as far as 8 meters (26 feet) away, making it ideal for scanning pallet labels on high shelves or slips hanging from a warehouse ceiling.

It is equiped with a laser aimer and high powered LEDs for reading codes at a distance.
This reader features the patented PowerGrid algorithm for reading DataMatrix codes and 1DMax with Hotbars for reading 1-D symbologies.

This barcode reader has a 1.2-megapixel sensor to improve resolution and image formation. DataMan 8072ER is also equipped with liquid lens (autofocus) technology to allow the reader to quickly adapt to changes in working distances for greater depth-of-field coverage. Unlike traditional zoom lenses, liquid lenses do not have any moving parts that can wear out or fail.

This reader uses the same modular communication used with the DM8600 and DM8050 series including wireless Bluetooth and corded Ethernet with industrial protocols and USB/Serial (WiFi is NOT supported).

 Cognex DataMan 8072ER Datasheet PDF


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